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Interested in 'researching' with us? Send us an email at powermakesussick@riseup.net. Introduce yourself to whatever extent you feel comfortable with, and tell us if there's a particular aspect or project of health autonomy you feel drawn to or a skill/tool/practice/etc you'd like to share.

Sometimes people ask us how they can support what we do or be involved with PMS if they can’t make it to regular meetings. So we’ve put together a list of some things we'd love to see that might be easy for a few of our co-conspirators out there to help with:

Try out the Accountability Model and let us know how it goes! We’re working on a tool that folks can use as a framework for caring for one another's health over time through a practice of mutual accountability. More information about it is available on our broadsheet, which you can download on the Resources page. Like every collective process of care, the accountability model is a perpetual work in progress, so we would love to hear feedback from anyone who uses it. Tell us what's useful or helpful and what isn’t, what might be unclear or confusing, etc. Talking about health can be sensitive and personal, so you're always welcome to contact us anonymously.

Do you have access to free printing? If so, we welcome and encourage you to print our zines and share them with your friends, give them out at your zine table, put them in your local cafe, infoshop, health center, strategically placed around your city/town...

We love art collaborations! If you draw, screenprint, make videos...and feel inspired by what you're reading here, let us know and we can put something together, perhaps as part of a future publication, multimedia report-back, or poster.

Interested in our workshops? Get in touch and we might be able to lead one for your community, or at your school, conference, book fair, skill share, gathering. We can figure out if there’s someone near you, or if one of us will be traveling through soon. Want to know more about leading one of our workshops on your own? Totally get in touch with us about that, too.

It's difficult for us to maintain a social media presence, in part because many sites demand we compromise our anonymity, and also just because we tend to prioritize sharing our work in other ways. We’d love it if you want to share some of our content online.

We always value input from folks who practice healing work. If you’re an herbalist, body worker, therapist, doula, support person, nurse, social worker, or a doctor that we’d have affinity with and you have suggestions for our tools, please let us know. Also valuable is input from people who have a lot of experience navigating various health care systems.

Translations of our zines and other material are always permitted and encouraged! If this is a skill you have and you'd like to help out, please get in touch. Or just translate whatever calls to you and send us the finished product, that's great too!

Send us your report-backs on autonomous health practices you've been a part of! We like to feature them in our zines, although our zine-creating process can be rather chaotic and we can't promise prompt publication. We also just love to hear from other people and projects who share our visions and principles, so we'll appreciate and likely learn a lot from anything you share with us, even if it doesn't fit into our current works in progress.

We try to make anything we create accessible to as many people as possible, but there will inevitably be something we overlook. If you have suggestions for ways our resources - including this website you are currently reading - could be more accessible to you, please let us know and we'll do what we can to address that.

And of course, support movements for health autonomy wherever you are, learn and share the skills you need to care for one another, be safe be dangerous be ungovernable!
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