We often hear folks asking how they can be involved with PMS if they can’t make it to regular meetings (where a lot of what is going on, and what will be going on, gets discussed). Also, there’s a lot more that we could be doing if there were some trusted folks out there who wanted to share in some of the tasks we’ve got at hand. So, we’ve put together a list of some of those things at hand that have us stuck that might be easy for a few of our co-conspirators out there to help with, so here goes:

* Use the Accountability Model We’re working on a tool that folks can use to be accountable to one another’s health over time. More information about it is available on our broadsheet [downloadable in the resource section of the website]. We would love it if folks wanted to try out this early version of it and let us know how it is going, what is useful or helpful and what isn’t, what is unclear or confusing, etc. Any and news and feedback like this will Printing & Distribution We’d love for folks to read the reports and everything that we’ve put together.

* Do you have free printing at your school, library, work, or something like that? If so, feel free to print stuff and put it in your local cafe, infoshop, health center, or just share with friends. Maybe you just want to put some of the posters up? That’s cool, too.

* Do you have access to a risograph or screen printing or something cool like that? Let us know and we would love to put something special together for it.

* Do you want us to lead a workshop for your community, or at your school, conference, book fair, skill share, gathering? Get in touch with us and we can figure out if there’s someone nearby who can come through. We also move around quite a bit, so depending on how flexible you are timewise it could totally work out. Want to know more about leading one of the workshops we lead on your own? Totally get in touch with us about that, too.

* We’re not so great at having a social media presence, in part because we’re operating as an anonymous group, so it is tricky for us to post stuff about what we’re up to on our personal social media platforms, and in part because we’re focused on other stuff and tend to neglect it. However, we understand that this is an important way that information gets shared these days. We’d love it if you wanted to repost some of our content or talk to us about the best ways we could be using stuff.

*Do you love to draw or make videos? We want to do more of this all the time, but it can get overwhelming on the coordinating end of things, so we don’t always get the chance to do stuff like that. If you want to help us put together some of the report backs about our research into video form, or if you want to illustrate some stuff that works well with other content that we’ve got going on, please get in touch!

* Especially when it comes to some of the more technical stuff, like the intake form for the accountability model, we need a lot of input from folks who practice health on the regular to let us know how we can be more responsive to different needs and helpful for different kinds of contexts. If you’re an herbalist, a body worker, therapist, doula, support person, nurse, social worker, or a doctor that we’d have affinity with and want to help make suggestions for some of our tools, please let us know. Right now, it would be really helpful to talk to folks who do ‘consultations’ or ‘intakes’ with patients, but there’s also a lot of other questions that we have all the time and it would be great to know there are comrades out there we can call upon.

* Want to help translate some of our material into other languages? That’s great, the world needs a lot of this right now and you are amazing for having this super power. If you have extra time to spare to translate some material, please get in touch. Right now, it is especially helpful to have folks translate into Polish, Arabic, and Spanish just based on some of the projects we have in the works, but it is all useful. Hit us up!

* Send us your report backs! We accumulate writings for zines and really appreciate those that come our way. If we think the writing and topics fit with our zine we would be excited to include you. If there are other material resources or skills you have and think could be useful to the group, please let us know! We'd be happy and grateful to hear from you.

* Perhaps the most crucial thing you can do is to support movements for health autonomy wherever you are! We'd love to hear how it goes.