Updated May 3, 2022:
Our website is currently undergoing some maintenance to improve security and ease of access. Thank you for your patience and for your interest in what we do.
Power Makes us Sick (PMS) is a creative research project focusing on autonomous health care practices and networks from a feminist perspective. PMS seeks to understand the ways that our mental, physical, and social health is impacted by imbalances in and abuses of power. We understand that mobility, forced or otherwise, is an increasingly common aspect of life in the anthropocene. In this quest for placeless solidarity, we start with health. PMS is motivated to develop free tools of solidarity, resistance, and sabotage that are informed by a deep concern for planetary well-being.
email us: powermakesussick@riseup.net

write to us:
PO box 234
Plainfield VT 05667

instagram: @powermakesussick
Our zines can be found on the Internet Archive:
PMS #1
PMS #2
PMS #3
Building Towards an Autonomous Trans Health Care