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excerpt from pg. 12 of POWER MAKES US SICK ISSUE #2 (2017)
"In contemporary healthcare practices, diagnosis and treatment has the tendency to reduce ourselves, others, and experiences to a language of illness. This illness is understood as an the wickedness to be exacted out from an otherwise sanitary body and mind. Instead, we wonder what critical education in responsibility can come from the trauma of an ailing body, especially when this is witnessed and respected by care providers. What happens when this is weaponized by those suffering?

This practice can’t be empty; it can’t be purely discursive. We simultaneously reject the notion of organization-for-organization's-sake while acknowledging the tyranny of structurelessness. The more we accept accountability as an ethos for living in our everyday lives, the more resilient we become in the face of forces and technologies that seduce us toward purchased escape. "
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